The Ace Approach

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do.

If a unique challenge exists, then we work directly with our clients to tailor solutions to meet their well challenges.


At the core is the Ace Ratchet Collar (ARC)


Simple in its design, safer and more reliable than traditional stop collars, and a cost-effective alternative to centralizer subs, the ARC is proven to deliver an unrivalled holding force. This enables us to mount our products directly to the outside of the casing or completion string and virtually anywhere along the pipe.


Already proven with the development and delivery of our six current products, the ARC acts as the perfect foundation for creating innovative and effective solutions.


Models available:

Raising the stakes

We believe that we can do better and will always be game on for the challenge of your next well campaign. If you have a project which would benefit from a superior holding force and flexible concept, without the need for long procurement lead times, please contact us.

HST Installation Tools.jpg

The installation kit consists of a hand-held press and a small hydraulic power unit, both of which are easy to transport. With these two items, a two-person team can install our Ace Ratchet Collars in just 1 minute per unit, anywhere in the world.

So, whether installation takes place onshore at the pipe yard, or offshore at the rig site, our trained personnel will fit our products quickly, safely and in the most appropriate location for each job. We can also train client personnel to use the kit and safely install our Ace technology where needed. 


Remote or client installations contribute to reducing carbon emissions. Read more under Environmental Responsibility.


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