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Ace Oil Tools Looks East

Connecting with new audiences during OTC Asia 2022

At Ace we are delighted to see that in-person events are back. In March, myself and our Business Development Manager, Ken Erik Steine, headed to Kuala Lumpur to attend and exhibit at OTC Asia 2022. As a region experiencing rapid growth in oil and gas production, most notably within Indonesia and Malaysia, attending this event was important to us as a business.

While we always try and attend a number of events over the course of any given year, OTC Asia was a key focus for us this year.

In line with our ongoing growth strategy, we see the Asian market as an area of real opportunity over the coming years. It’s a market expansion that we want to play a part in, and we can see our products effectively meeting the needs of those operating in the region.

At OTC Asia, both Ken Erik and I managed to meet a number of different exhibitors and attendees. As part of that, we were able to exhibit and generate a discussion around our latest products, outlining our innovative approach to downhole technology.

From a wider context, the event itself was a resounding success and one we will look to attend in future years. OTC Asia attracted over 10,000 participants, sponsors, and exhibitors, with over 2000 organisations represented. This gave us the chance to put the Ace Oil Tools offering in front of new audiences and make valuable connections with several people and organisations – we look forward to developing these connections into potential partnerships over the coming months.

Trends and Emerging Needs

Beyond developing leads, the conference provided an important opportunity for learning, with over 400 thought leaders and industry experts giving talks and technical presentations. While I couldn’t attend them all, it was reassuring to hear of the positivity, technical innovations and new products in the region.

The conference, both via presentations I observed and conversations I had with people, also revealed emerging trends – both specific to the Asian market and to the industry globally. These included areas of new activity, health and safety requirements and the energy transition.

Proud to be Ace

While exhibiting at an event as large, global, and important as OTC Asia requires significant planning, I was able to leave the event with an immense feeling of pride. From our discussions, we were able to illustrate our belief that our products really do stand out as a superior method for attaching tools and accessories to the casing or completion string.

Having conversations with the people who visited our booth over the three days reminded me of the numerous benefits our portfolio of products can offer, and it felt great to see the genuine positivity from those discovering Ace Oil Tools for the first time. I felt proud too of the industry, which continues to seek out and deliver on innovations – as we continue to do - to provide better, safer, and more reliable solutions.

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