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Celebrating a decade as the holding force in downhole technology

10 years ago this month Ace Oil Tools was founded. The company was born from the belief that not all downhole products were created equal.


We held the strong belief that it was possible to create an easy to install solution that could reliably anchor tools to tubing with an extremely high holding force.

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Ace Oil Tools Looks East


At Ace we are delighted to see that in-person events are back. In March, myself and our Business Development Manager, Ken Erik Steine, headed to Kuala Lumpur to attend and exhibit at OTC Asia 2022. As a region experiencing rapid growth in oil and gas production, most notably within Indonesia and Malaysia, attending this event was important to us as a business.

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2021: The good, the digital and the autonomous 

12 months, 2 new product launches, 58 installations, 6 remote trainings, and the certification of another 35 operators, we’ll look back on 2021 as the year of the good, the digital and the autonomous.


As the year draws to a close, we want to reflect and tell you why 2021 has been such an important year for Ace Oil Tools


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ARC-Slim: The solution to meet close tolerance requirements

This month we wanted to outline our approach to close tolerance applications, illustrating how we work closely with clients to deliver solutions to meet their requirements, no matter how difficult the task. One piece of recent activity was off the coast of Senegal, West Africa. 



Ace Control Line Clamp

The ACLC has been designed to improve safety in offshore operations by enabling automation during the installation of control line clamps. Its innovative, revolutionary design ensures the ACLC semi-automates the control line process, reducing the need for workers in the red zone by 50%, and reduces the time spent in the red zone by 30%.

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Working at Ace Oil Tools – our company culture

Each member of the Ace team plays a vital role in maintaining our reputation as market leaders in well completion tools and solutions, but what does a typical day at Ace Oil Tools look like? 

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Overcoming Deepwater Challenges

Opportunities for hydrocarbon recovery below 1,000ft in deepwater basins are significant. However, these reservoirs present a range of challenges. In this blog, we’ll be looking at a project we did in the Gulf of Mexico, helping to facilitate deepwater drilling.



Global challenges won’t halt our innovation goal

We’ve watched with interest each month as the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) Monthly Statistical Report is released, and this month is no different. 

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New: The Ace Splice Clamp completions technology

We are pleased to be bringing our new Ace Splice Clamp to the completions market. Allowing multiple lines to be spliced with a single clamp, the ASC is a ‘sub-less’ downhole product that protects the control lines during completion. 

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Custom ARC created and deployed for TCO

Operational constraints were experienced when the 10 ¾’’ Annular Pressure Relief Valve System (APRS) was run in the 13 5/8 ‘’ intermediate casing. 



Ace to host webinar - Raising the stakes in downhole technology

With international team working from home, Ace Oil Tools is launching a webinar to share details of it's technology.

We are running 2 session on Wednesday 3rd June - 0900 CEST & 0900 CDT.

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Simplifying customer installations will remain our goal

We have already achieved so much over the last few months, and I am confident that we have much more to come.


Our approach behind this success is straightforward, but its simplicity makes it no less effective. The approach is to simplify the installations of our customers.



The Driving Force Behind our Tech


Developing a tool, like the patented Ace Ratchet Collar (ARC), which can provide an unrivalled solution for securely locking additional downhole components onto any tube, was no easy task. However, from day one our team were determined to make it happen. So, why were we so intent on realising this technology?



Going digital: remote training at your fingertips

Ongoing digitalization and the energy transition are rapidly changing how those in the oil and gas industry are operating. 


At Ace Oil Tools, we have been driving forward these changes in recent years through the development of digital operations that focus on training and remote installations.

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ACLC: Game changing technology

Last month we launched the latest card in our deck, the Ace Control Line Clamp (ACLC). This was the culmination of many months of hard work, innovation and development. 


We’re taking the opportunity in this latest blog to speak more about the ACLC, looking in-depth at its design and usage for the completions market.

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Quick, safe and flexible installations

Our approach has always centred on the idea that if a unique challenge exists, then we will always work directly with our clients to tailor solutions to meet their well challenges.



Ace Oil Tools presented by Innovation Norway

Innovation Norway has been supporting Ace Oil Tools from the very beginning. Here they share the story.



Renewed focus in 2021 to meet the needs of the sector

2020 was a year that none of us will forget. The impact it was to have on both our personal and professional lives flipped over and changed so much in so many ways. 



Field-Proven Quick & Easy Installs

When developing the Ace Ratchet Collar one of the key requirements for us was a simple installation process. We wanted to ensure the product could be installed on-site, anywhere in the world, without the need to move the pipe.

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Life at Ace: New Starter Anbjørn Kaurstad

We are pleased to welcome Anbjørn Kaurstad to the team. Joining as our new Technology Manager, Anbjørn has over 20 years of experience in the oil and gas sector. 



Now available - the replay of our webinar

On 3rd June 2020 our Vice President, Western Hemisphere, Mike Moffitt, hosted a a 30 minute webinar. Access the replay now!



Ace features in Offshore Magazine

Our CEO, Espen Sørbø spoke to Offshore Magazine about our Ace Rachet Collar - a slim stop collar intended for close tolerance applications.



Responding to sector requirements provides the platform for growth

It’s been some time since I’ve had the opportunity to write one of our monthly website articles. I always value the opportunity to provide business updates to our customers, stakeholders, and partners, and I believe that this is an ideal platform in which to do so.

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How we applied the ‘Ace approach’ to a remote, South American, deepwater project


With our iconic and vibrant pink branding, you may not be surprised to hear that we like to stand out. While our visual identity helps us to look different, it’s our ‘Ace approach’ which sets our operations and outputs apart from the rest. 

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Meet the team and industry outlook: Mike Moffitt, VP Western Hemisphere

As a company that services global demand for innovative downhole solutions, we remain close to our customers through our global team. Leading this relationship building in the Americas is our Houston based VP Western Hemisphere, Mike Moffitt.


In this month’s blog, we’ll introduce you to Mike: the globetrotter, liner solutions expert, and scout leader. 

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Half-year review

from Ace Oil Tools

With the temperature rising, longer evenings and the smell of sunscreen beginning to permeate the air, many of us will be looking forward to a well-earned summer break over July.  It’s hard to believe that we are already halfway through 2021, so we are taking the opportunity in this month’s blogs to look back on the developments we’ve made since the start of the year. 



Organisation restructure – Introducing our VP of New Ventures and Sales Director

Ace Oil Tools are pleased to announce a key organisational restructure which will see two central figures in the team take on new roles. This is part of a strategic move to drive Ace’s sales and expansion into new ventures. 



Working in partnership to deliver results

Over the last few months, the Ace Oil Tools’ team have been working hard on the development of an innovative new product. 

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Ace Oil Tools Expands Product Offering with the Launch of ARC-Force

Ace Oil Tools, the oil and gas technology company known for its proprietary ‘ratcheting technology’, has launched its new ARC-Force product to the stop collar market. 

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Innovation Norway funding

Our firm commitment to innovation was rewarded this year with funding from Innovation Norway for the design and production of a new line of products. 



Ace proves its AFC technology on land wells in the Middle East

The Ace Fixed Centralizer (AFC) has been successfully installed on a trial well in the Middle East. The installation was carried out for a major operator on a land well this autumn.



Raising the Stakes - Ace Oil Tools Launches New visual identity, logo and website

Ace Oil Tools has unveiled its new look brand and visual identity. Retaining the iconic vibrant pink colour that Ace Oil Tools has become known for, the new look also includes an updated logo and website.



Ace features in Energy Northern Perspective

Our CEO, Espen Sørbø spoke to Energy Northern Perspective about how we deliver savings in close tolerance applications through the use of the Ace Ratchet Collar.

Ace Oil Tools welcomes media enquiries and has a number of successful client case studies and imagery that it is happy to share.


For enquiries, please contact Blair Grant at Project Neon.

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