Environmental Responsibility
Laying our cards on the table

Accountability and innovation are at the heart of our core values, but this doesn’t just apply to our products, services and relationships – it also applies to our environmental responsibility. So we are laying our cards on the table to evaluate what we have achieved and where we can do better.

We recognise the global challenges and join the industry’s energy transition and commitment to a net-zero future. As a result, we are reviewing our business processes and creating more sustainable practices.

This is a project that we are passionate about and will continue to evolve, guiding our strategic choices to actively make better choices to minimise the environmental impact. We’ve already seen success from two key initiatives; the digital operation and shipping minimisation


Digital operation

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Reduce freight

The Digital Operation

By enabling digital training and installation we have reduced Co2 emissions by 49.8%, saving more than 80 tonnes of CO2 since 2018.

We recognised in 2018 that digital training and installation not only provide an innovate, cost and time saving solution, it also minimises the need for our instructors to travel across the globe.

Using video calls and learning materials we can be transported to production sites all over the globe with zero carbon impact.

For example, previously the journey from our home in Stavanger, Norway to a customer site in Tampico, Mexico would have required a 5,369 miles flight with CO2 emissions of 1270 kgs. We have removed that need, and the resulting emissions.

In addition, remote installation training has enabled our customers to develop valuable skill sets within their own teams, allowing them to conduct customer lead installations all around the globe.


Through this method, together with our clients, we are creating a network of local professionals who can install Ace Tools over and over again while reducing, or even eliminating the need for travel.

Since we started monitoring this in 2018, the demand for remote training and customer installations has steadily increased, with 68% of our installations taking place remotely so far this year.

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Cutting shipping miles

This aim to work in partnership with our customers towards a shared sense of environmental responsibility, has also encouraged us to rethink shipping practises.

As a part of our normal supply chain processes – some of our products are manufactured in China and delivered to our headquarters in Norway before being shipped to our clients around the world. Whilst this is standard practise for many companies who utilise international production, we wanted to rethink how we approach shipping to provide options to our customers.

With customers now able to collect products directly from the manufacturer themselves, freight miles and subsequent CO2 emissions can be cut as a result of more direct deliveries.

Looking at our data, from 2018 until Q1 2021, we have calculated that 57% (198,251 kg) of potential Greenhouse Gas emissions from shipping has been saved by customers embracing direct pick up

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Since 2018

Self-reflection and the future  

We are by no means at the finish line – these are just the first steps in Ace’s journey towards a more environmentally conscious future.

This journey will be built upon our continued self-analysis and reflection. We are committed to documenting and evaluating our emissions and environmental impact to better understand where we’ve come from and the decisions we take going forward. This forms a key part of our vision to enable ourselves and our clients to make better and more responsible choices for the future.

We will continue to share our progress with you.

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