Ace Tracer Carrier

A carrier system for housing intelligent tracers.

The ATC anchors the carrier in place using Ace 
Ratchet Collars fitted at either end to resist axial 
forces while running-in-hole. The tool is available 
for both inward and outward vented applications 
and suitable for close tolerance operations, 
making the ATC ideal for long horizontal wells 
and tough formations.

  • Suitable for close tolerance applications and for those with high axial load requirements

  • Suitable for long horizontal wells and tough formations

  • Fitted with the ARC, on-site installation is quick and easy

  • Intelligent tracer technology

  • Close tolerance

  • High axial load requirement

  • Long horizontal wells

  • Tough formations

  • Available in both inward and outward vented applications

  • Can be custom designed for multiple zones

  • Materials can be tailored on request

More information

Further technical information is available upon request


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