Each of our simple and effective tools support the structural integrity of your well, can be deployed in a fraction of the time and are suitable for any well construction or completion application.

Developed from our core Ace Rachet Collar technology, each of our products use the unrivaled holding force of ARC to mount them directly to the outside of the casing or liner.  Each tool is fully independent of weight, grade and thread, making them extremely versatile in their application.

All of our off-the-shelf tools can be installed at short notice, ensuring operators can make decisions regarding their drilling programs within days of planned deployment.

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Ace Rachet Collar

Reliably anchor accessories to the casing with 
unrivalled holding force and without a complex installation processes or screws. Our models fit any operation, whether it is close tolerance (ARC-Slim) and non-close tolerance (ARC-Force). 

Ace Drilling Centralizer.jpg

Ace Drilling Centralizer

Reduce drilling torque and minimize wear
during casing or liner drilling

Ace Fixed Centralizer

Centralize your casing and protect your downhole
equipment with our single-piece steel centralizer,
fixed directly on to the casing or liner.

Ace Fixed Centralizer I & II.jpg

Ace Control Line Clamp

The ACLC has been designed to improve safety by enabling automation during the installation of control line clamps, one of the most critical parts of well completion. 

Ace Screen Clamp

Secure screens to your base pipe without
the need for welding

Ace Screen Clamp.jpg
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Ace Splice Clamp

Effectively protect, cut and splice together control
lines outside the tubing while running completions

Ace Tracer Carrier

House and protect tracer elements conveyed into
the wellbore on the production string

Ace Tracer Carrier.jpg

A New Challenge

We were born from the belief that we can do better. Having demonstrated it's capabilities to date, we believe that the unrivaled holding force offered by our patented ARC technology has many more possible applications.


So, if the solution you’re looking for isn’t in our current portfolio, please get in
touch to see if we can apply the Ace Approach for you.

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