About Us

About Ace

Recognising that not all products are created equal, Ace was founded in 2012 upon the belief that it was possible to create a tool which was easy to install, and reliably anchor tools to tubing with an extremely high holding force. From here the Ace Ratchet Collar was developed.

The Ace Ratchet Collar is the first 90,000lb+ rated stop collar on the market.  Suitable for close tolerance operations, ARC offers an effective solution for securely locking  additional downhole components on to any tube. With no loose parts and no impact on drift, our ARC technology is suitable for even the harshest of operating conditions.


From our headquarters in Stavanger, Norway we use the Ace Ratchet Collar as the foundation for wider product development.

We have continued our commitment to creating greater value for our customers through innovative product development and we offer a variety of high-quality tools that are simple, cost effective and easy to install.


Our teams are located in Stavanger, Norway and Houston, USA and work across the world to develop and maintain strong and lasting customer relationships.


We pride ourselves on our ability to meet the challenges of our customers, operating flexibly to
minimize lead times, maximize inventory management and operational efficiency.


We are a small and driven team who all share a common interest in innovation, technology and card games!


With a broad and extensive experience across all sectors of the Oil and Gas industry, our team works together to continue to raise the stakes in downhole technology.


All of our actions are guided by our core values:

  • We are accountable to our customers, priding ourselves on on-time delivery of value-adding products

  • We work closely with our customers to proactively identify solutions to their well challenges, establishing and maintaining a strong relationship

  • We continue to foster a culture of innovation,  constantly looking for ways to break the mold and develop extraordinary products

We are committed to proactively ensuring that our operations always take place in an incident-free workplace:

  • We establish and regularly review objectives as part of our continuous improvement initiatives

  • We report and respond to all incidents of any kind
    We develop action plans using company  approved processes

  • We ensure compliance with our Company Management System and all applicable laws and regulations at all times

  • We work in a safe and environmentally responsible manner

  • We will adapt to agreed customer requirements

We recognise the global challenges and join the industry’s energy transition and commitment to a net-zero future:


  • We are constantly reviewing our business processes and creating more sustainable practises

  • We are actively making better choices to minimise the environmental impact

  • Our digital operation and shipping minimisation practises have significantly reduced our CO2 emissions 

  • In partnership with our customers, we are determined to document and evaluate our environmental impact to inform our choices for the future

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