A holding force in downhole technology

A successful well needs a strong foundation, supported by effective products.  But not all products are created equal.

Born from the belief that we can do better, we have raised the stakes in downhole technology, creating a superior method for attaching tools and accessories to the casing or completion string.

Safer, more reliable and easier to install than traditional stop collars, the Ace Ratchet Collar is our foundation. With its unique locking mechanism, it delivers unrivalled holding force under all operating conditions. From here, our family of downhole accessories can be mounted directly to the outside of the casing or completion string and fitted virtually anywhere along the pipe.

Each of our simple and effective tools support the structural integrity of your well, can be deployed in a fraction of the time and are suitable for any well construction or completion application. Our solutions can withstand the challenge of your next well campaign.


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Meet the team and industry outlook: Mike Moffitt, Vice President Western Hemisphere

As a company that services global demand for innovative downhole solutions, we remain close to our customers through our global team. Leading this relationship building in the Americas is our Houston based VP Western Hemisphere, Mike Moffitt.


In this month’s blog, we’ll introduce you to Mike: the globetrotter, liner solutions expert, and scout leader. 

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ARC-Slim: The solution to meet close tolerance requirements

This month we wanted to outline our approach to close tolerance applications, illustrating how we work closely with clients to deliver solutions to meet their requirements, no matter how difficult the task. One piece of recent activity was off the coast of Senegal, West Africa. 

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ACLC: Game changing technology

Last month we launched the latest card in our deck, the Ace Control Line Clamp (ACLC). This was the culmination of many months of hard work, innovation and development. 


We’re taking the opportunity in this latest blog to speak more about the ACLC, looking in-depth at its design and usage for the completions market.

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